The First Show of The New World

- Performed by the whole company

Performed live online via ZOOM


The First Show of the New World is a post apocalyptic quest for answers. When was the world created? What is the meaning of life? Will there be further pandemics?  Is brown bread better than white? We have the answers!

A highly original, fully improvised show, jam packed with audience participation to keep actors on their toes and audience members on the edge of their seats. Our insanely fun, often hilarious show is available to stream world wide this December 2020.

Centering on the themes of space exploration, the meaning of life and humankind's thirst for knowledge, join us for six hours of entertainment dotted throughout December from the comfort of your living room.

Created and performed LIVE by our Seniors, Tweens, Juniors & Adults casts.

DATE/TIME: December 2020.  Exact dates TBC.


LOCATION: Available to watch online, from anywhere in the worldwide.

RUNNING TIME: Approx. 1 hour

NOTE: There may be some adult humour in the show performed by our over 18's acting company. Parents/guardians are advised to bring children along at their own discretion.

More shows coming in 2021

- Performed by all casts

More original shows announced soon

Throughout COVID-19, to ensure the safety and well being of our actors, staff and audience members, we are changing how we bring you shows for the time being. Keep an eye on our website, Instagram & Facebook pages for show announcements and updates.

We hope to bring you a selection of original productions, performed by all Theatre on Foot casts, throughout 2021.

Thank you for your support!


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